SIET’s step towards virtual classes – a role model for colleges across the country

As digitization continues to bloom, many renowned academic institutions across the nation are trying to incorporate its far-reaching benefits to exposing students to a comprehensive learning environment. Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology has also made its move towards virtual classroom education and extend guidance to the next generation conveniently.

Let’s dive into SIET’s system of virtual classroom education that is setting an example for all colleges across the country today!

SIET’s system of virtual classroom education

Ever since its inception, Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology has strived to offer a hassle-free environment of education to its students. Through the medium of virtual classes, the college has crossed a significant milestone and attempts to conquer the digital world of teaching. By providing students with web presentations, live streaming, video conferences and audio conferences, SIET strives to offer a conducive learning experience to everyone. The freedom to study from anywhere across the country and attend classes without any hindrance is one of the ways in which the institute has been able to pioneer education in recent times.

Traditional classrooms vs Virtual classrooms at SIET 

Although traditional classrooms are perceived as more convincing, virtual classes at SIET are expanding the scope of education for students and helping them to expose themselves to a new world of learning. In this new space, students encounter more opportunities and an enhanced way of approaching solutions to their academic problems. This is why there is comparatively more engagement in virtual classes than in traditional classrooms within the campus. Above all, the colourful visualization is a prime contributor to why virtual classes at SIET are the new win-win.

SIET’s solution to virtual classroom struggles

Although the world of virtual classes is exciting, SIET does face some severe hindrances that lead to a tedious experience for the faculty members.

  1. Excessive time-consumption is a primary problem. The completion of assignments and helping students understand their lessons online becomes a serious problem sometimes. To encounter this problem, a systemic and smooth online delivery portal has been established and is used by students and faculty to ensure that tardiness is at bay.
  2. Another severe concern is the inattentiveness of students that gives the faculty a hard time to settle in. Since online education requires students to be active learners, cooperation is the need of the hour. At SIET, the students are regularly educated by the faculty on the importance of adhering to decorum that allows seamless education.

The takeaway

At Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology, there is no room for disappointment. Their latest virtual classroom education is on its way to prove the colleges of this country that digitalization can highly improve learning around them. With each passing day, this is becoming the need of the hour. We hope that virtual classes soon change the education system around us for the better.

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