Bhoomi Online RTC – Karnataka Land Records Status

Bhoomi Online RTC – Karnataka Land Records Status: Bhoomi (meaning “land”) is a project of Karnataka State Government; it is an online portal for Land Management through which the residents of Karnataka State can check their land records via online mode quickly. The main aim of the Bhoomi RTC Portal uses advanced online technology for land management, which digitalized RTCs (Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information).

Any citizen or farmer from the Karnataka State would visit the nearest MRO office and apply for an RTC, submit the required documents to the Government. By Using Bhoomi Online Karnataka Land Records Portal, any Local Farmer can also check the application status by using the acknowledgment number.

Bhoomi Online RTC Check Karnataka Land Records

The advantage of Bhoomi RTC Portal is the availability of the land records only in a few clicks via the online mode. The Bhoomi Online Karnataka Land Record portal helps the farmers who have register their land to scan their properties, which are lying across the State.

This portal provides the following information:

• Land owner’s details

 • Type of land

 • Area of measurement

 • Soil type

 • Crops are grown

 • Water rate

 • Nature of the possession of the land

 • Liabilities

 • Tenancy

 • Agricultural, Commercial, Non-Agricultural residential flood area


 On visiting the official website of Bhoomi RTC, one will find the following list of services available:

• Kodagu Disaster Rescue

 • I-Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (i-RTC)

 • Mutation Register


 • Tippan

 • RTC Information

 • Revenue Maps

 • Mutation Status

 • Mutation Extract

 • Registration of Citizen

 • Citizen Login

 • XML verification of RTC

 • Registration of Dispute Cases

 • List of New Taluks

Bhoomi Online RTC


BHOOMI RTC (PAHANI): The RTC- Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop; also called a “Pahani” is an essential document issued by the Government to show the ownership of the landowner. The “Pahani” Shows all the land Details and owner information. 

 ‘Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops’ (RTC) are maintained and updated by the Government. It is needed by the farmers for various purposes- obtaining crop loans, hypothecation of land, getting an electricity connection, subsidies, sale of the property, creating partition deeds, etc. Land records also form the basis to carry out mutations such as changes in ownership title due to inheritance, sale, acquisition, etc.

There are three components to RTC: Land, Owner, Cultivation & Crop details.

  1. Land Details

This section consists of several columns which comprise of the following details:

• Survey Number – A unique number assigned to a particular piece of land for its physical identification.

 • Hissa Number – It is a number showing sub-division of a specific survey number.

 • The extent of Land – It shows the total area of the land being considers.

 • Revenue – It includes details related to Land Revenue, Cesses, and Water Rate.

 • Soil Type – It refers to the classification of soil.

• Tree Details – It indicates the name and number of trees.

 • Irrigation Details as per the extent – It shows information about the source of irrigation and area under irrigation across different categories such as the Kharif area, Rabi area, and Garden area.

  1. Owner Details

As the name suggests, it includes the details of the landowner: Owner’s Name, Father’s name, Owner’s Address, Extent of the landholding, Khata number, and other rights and liabilities. It also covers acquisition type and its description showing the respective mutation entry associated with the transaction.

  1. Cultivation & Crop details

This section comprises of the following:

• Year

 • Season

 • Cultivator’s name

 • Cultivator’s place of residence

 • Cultivation type

 • The extent of land under cultivation

 • Category-wise land utilization and its extent

 • Names of crops grown

 • The extent of land under crops

 • Water source

 • Details of mixed crops

 • Yield

 Anybody can get the RTC by paying Rs.15/- at the centers mentioned below:

• From 204 Taluk Kiosk Centers

 • From 892 AJSK (Nadakacheri) Centers at Hobli level (Sub-Taluk)

 • From 6019 Gram Panchayat centers

Check Karnataka Bhoomi Land Records

 Follow the steps provided below to view your land records in Karnataka.

• Visit Bhoomi Online website

• Select “Services.” Click on “View RTC & MR.”

• Select District, Taluk, Hobli, Village

• Type the Survey Number

• Select the Surnoc

• Select Hissa number. His is the sub number of Survey numbers. If division happens in multiple owners, RTC then-new his number needs to be provided. For example, survey No 20 becomes 20/1, 20/2 & 20/3, where 1,2,3 are known as his number.

• Select Period. By using a period, a citizen can view present or Old RTC. A period is created, whenever Mutation (Change of owner details) happens.

• Select the Year for which you want to see the RTC.

• Click on the Fetch Details button.

• Click on the View button to view the entire RTC.

• You can now save RTC in image format.


 If you want to download RTC in pdf format, you need to follow the below steps. Follow the below steps to download in pdf format in Karnataka.

 • The interested candidates would go to the authorized portal page which has mentioned in this article and follow the below steps

• Select “Services.” Click on “i-RTC.”

• Enter First Name, Last Name

• Enter Mobile Number, Email and Aadhar card number

• Click on Fetch details and View RTC.

• After viewing your RTC, you have the option to click on the Pay and Download option.

• The fee for downloading RTC is INR 15.


The Mutation refers to change the ownership from one to another when you purchase or sell the property to others. While doing this, the Bhoomi RTC system has updated the new landowner details in the database. By applying Mutation in the Tahasildhar Office, you people need to submit the original documents which have mentioned on the portal page.

Follow the below steps to get Mutation Extract in Karnataka.

• You need to know about the Mutation Extract follow the Revenue Department of Karnataka Land Records and follow the below steps.

• Select “Services.” Click on “View RTC & MR.”

• Click on MR (Mutation Register).

• Select District, Village, and Survey Number.

• Click on Fetch details to see the Mutation Extract.


 Mutation status provides the stage at which the requested transaction is currently held up and for how many days. Follow the below steps to get a Mutation status in Karnataka.

 • Search for the Karnataka Bhoomi RTC Land Records site and take a guide from below

• Select “Services.” Click on “View RTC & MR.”

• Click on Mutation Status.

• Select District, Taluk, Hobli, Village.

• Type the Survey Number.

• Select Surnoc.

• Select Hissa number. His is the sub number of Survey numbers. If division happens in multiple owners RTC then-new, his number needs to provide. For example, survey No 20 becomes 20/1, 20/2 & 20/3, where 1, 2, 3 are known as his number.

• Click on the Fetch Details button to view the Mutation Status.


 Revenue Map provides all the details about the particular land you want to buy or sell in map format. Follow the below steps to get Revenue Map in Karnataka.

 • Visit the Karnataka Land Records page.

• Select “Services.” Click on “Revenue Maps”

• Select District, Taluk, Hobli, and Map types.

• Click on PDF file to view the Revenue map.


 Follow the below steps to get Dispute Reports about land in Karnataka.

• Visit Bhoomi Karnataka Land Records Online website

• Select “Services.” Click on “Dispute Cases.”

• Enter “District” and “Taluk.”

• Click on get report to view the details about disputes.

• Details related to District Name, Taluk Name, Hobli Name, Village Name, Transaction Number, Type of Mutation, MR Number, Document Number, Document Reg Date, Transaction Year, Objector Name, Objection Date, Details of Objection and Survey Number.


 Charges for the Bhoomi services in Karnataka are provided below.

• RTC: Fee of INR 15 (You can print original RTC ONLINE by paying INR 15 per RTC For First 4 Pages. After that, it will cost for each page).

 • Mutation Extract Fee: 15Rs

 • Mutation Status Fee: 15Rs

 • Tippan Fee: 15Rs

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